Cash Flow Money Online legit or scam? Quantum Code Michael Crawford Review

Based on this review, “Quantum Code by Michael Crawford” which, as of the date of this publication, can be found at looks like a scam, and as an investor myself, I can’t consider it legit if you’re interested; give them a try. I’m not recommending, but it doesn’t appear to be a total fraud, Michael Crawford gets paid when you deposit money in the account, and there’s a certain threshold you have to reach before you can withdraw your money.

I personally find investing like that a complete waste of my time; it’s silly on multiple levels, but to each their own. I use traditional SAFE brokers to do my trading and yes, I pay fees, but make those fees back within one month because most of the stocks I buy pay a dividend, and if you’re unaware of how dividend investing works, the goal to start is to make $100 per month in dividend payments, and from there you use that money to DIVERSIFY your investing.

With the cash flow, you’re receiving, now sure some companies might stop paying a dividend, but that’s why you USE THE DIVIDEND PAYMENTS to diversify your portfolio. Before you know it, $1000 per month turns into $5000 per month, then $5000 per month turns to $10000.

Why most people never reach this threshold is because they’re scared of losses; well, that’s why I invested in things like the Trade Command Center Tool I don’t like those types of schemes; I prefer basic investing that pays me a dividend or some sort of steady stream of cash flow.

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I then either withdraw the cash or I’ll reinvest the cash in other PROVEN cash-flowing trades that have a consistent track record of paying their shareholders a dividend. If my strategy sounds simple, it’s because it is, and the extra cash I made allowed me to invest in the Trade Command Center Tool. Which, at first was risky because I had never heard of it before, but because it’s a Clickbank product, it comes with a 60 money-back guarantee, so I tried it.

If you purchase the Trade Command Center Tool and don’t like it go to Refund Page with your email address and order number it’s the main reason I’m a member because it was really that easy to get my money back.

Now that I told you about the Trade Command Center Tool and was very transparent about it, check to see if Michael Crawford was as transparent as I am. Maing money via trades doesn’t have to be complicated, and there’s no secret, that many of us are making money trading normally on the retail level, with no gimmicks, no tricks no silliness.

Get all the perks of working with the largest organizations that pay a dividend without the risk of working with some shady trading software that just popped up out of nowhere and can’t even offer you a transparent refund if they don’t deliver on their claims.

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You can do better than, these get rich quick schemes are time consuming and a waste of your money, the path to success is already laid out for you it’s been here for a while, it’s how pensions pay their shareholders, investing isn’t difficult, what’s difficult is trying to get rich quick, what you want to do is get rich SMART and you do this by making sure EVERYBODY pays you rent for holding onto to your money.

Investing for cash flow, dividends or interest is like collecting rent; I still find it funny when people waste money on real estate and they make like $200 a month in profit. For $100,000 you can be making $700 a month in dividend payments EASILY, with a diversified portfolio of SAFE cash-paying investments, and when you have a lot of money in the markets, diversified, and you have good credit, it will be easier for you to qualify for loans if that’s what you want.

Banks like to know that you know what you’re doing as an investor; investing is actually quite easy; what made it difficult were the people who lost money and then ran to the government to make them whole; that’s why we have all of these government regulations in place to protect consumers. A lot of these regulatory financial laws are based on someone trying to get rich quick and then getting BURNED!

I’m older than most of the readers of this post, but when we were growing up and read about or watched people losing money, we laughed because we all knew if something is too good to be true, than it probably is, yes Cash flow investing takes long to do but that’s the best way to get wealthy. When you invest for CASH FLOW! INVEST TO GET DIVIDEND payments, and with that money, you take risks and purchase things like the Trade Command Center Tool

I’m not certain Quantum Code is good or bad for you, but I don’t trust them, and I can’t recommend them. They’re worth considering, but not for someone like me. If you want something I know is proven you’ll definitely want to become a CASH FLOW investor, anybody holding onto your money needs to pay you a dividend. I wish you all the best; I hope you will find the wealth opportunity you seek!

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