If you have been interested in the classic German military Kubelwagen there are many clubs and organizations all over the World where collector’s can meet. The Kubelwagen originally was engineered and designed by Ferdinand Porsche during the Second World War in Germany for the German Wehrmacht. Volkswagen produced and built the cars to help the German army as well as the elite SS.

Kubelwagen is a German word which when translated means bucket car since the soldiers thought the design looked similar to a bath tub with wheels placed on it. The Wehrmacht and SS both used the vehicles for field work and for transportation of soldiers in the field of battle. The original Volkswagen Beetle was the original inspiration for the design and it was built off of it’s chassis and body. The Nazi government ordered many of the vehicles during the course of the war.

The first prototype was named the Type Sixty Two and then later on during production it was called the Type Eighty Two. The vehicle originally was assembled in Wolfsburg in the state of Lower Saxony. In Germany it was similar to the American Jeep and it was better built and more reliable than what the Allies had. Adolf Hitler and other higher ranking Third Reich officers desired to have an inexpensive and reliable military vehicle.

The vehicle was designed and engineered to be able to withstand extreme conditions including snow and ice as well as sand and mud. The automobile was very competent and proved to be very reliable and useful in many conditions around the World. Some models even allowed the driver to use it as a boat and drive through water. The technology used at the time has not been able to be improved upon since.

When the Americans stole some models in the campaign in 1943 in North Africa the American military leaders were impressed with the design and reliability of the vehicles. Some American generals even commented on how it was far superior to the Jeep that they used in all ways. The only two colors that were originally used were green camouflage and light brown khaki which allowed the car to be hidden during a battle.

Several other variants were designed and included a Volkswagen version that had an enclosed top and that could sit four soldiers in it easily. There were also even a panzer half track version later built that had tracks on it. When the war ended Volkswagen started manufacturing a civilian version named the Thing that was popular with some outdoor and off road enthusiasts due to the interesting and unique design.

The Schlepperfahrzeug version and the Schwimmwagen version were some of the most unusual and rarest forms ever produced by any country during the entire war. Today there are many collectors who seek out the original versions and buy them when they become available at auctions and sales. Many museums also have added the vehicle to their collections and the car is a proud part of the history of German engineering.

If you have been researching the classic German Kubelwagen then you already know how they are a very fascinating vehicle. For additional details as well as information about the cars you are encouraged to go on the internet and find collector’s clubs and other organizations who keep track of the vehicles and registration. You also will be able to find additional articles and details concerning the vehicle as well.

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