dial4fun.com legit or scam – dial4fun.com Review

Well I landed on one of the dial4fun.com webpages to day and honestly I felt the need to write this blog post just in case someone decided to do what I was about to do without reading the fine print.

The cost is CDN$1.99 per minute GST incl./ higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones., max CDN$50 per call for fixed lines, max CDN$50.00 per day and or CDN$50.00 per month for Bell and Telus respectively and max 60 minutes per day for Rogers. To participate in this service, please fill in your phone number on the website. Once you have filled in your phone number, you should call the premium number to get your PIN code. You should fill in the PIN code on this page to activate the service. Listen to the questions and fill in the correct answer with the 1 or 2 digits on your phone. The player collects 100 points by answering the questions correctly, you need to answer as many questions as possible correctly. The player with the most points at the end wins the prize. You can stop the service at any time by disconnecting the (phone) connection. After the promotional period ends, the participant with the most points will receive the prize. In the case of participants having an even number of points , a final question will be presented. The customer with the highest number of accurate answers wins. The winner will be announced on dial4fun.com at the end of the promotion period (Feb. 1st 2017 at 23.59). Free entry method: send an email with your name, prize and phone number to free-entry-ca[@]dial4fun.com. When you participate, you confirm that you accept the terms & conditions (so please read them!), that you are an resident in Canada , that you are over 18 and you’re the right account holder or that you have the account holder’s permission . Dial4fun does not cooperate, sponsor or promote with any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, logos (including, without limitation, individual product or retailer) are owned by their respective owners. Interact2media Pte Ltd (30 Raffles Place #17-00) Singapore (048622) Chamber of Commerce number: 201525080C

Maybe most of you read the fine print but for those of you who didn’t below there’s some information you can use to contact them.

Customer Service : email help[@]interact2media.com.sg or call 1-8772540915, visit the website : dial4fun.com.

So is dial4fun.com legit or is it a scam? Well the truth is in the fine print, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into I guess it could be considered legit and not a scam, if you didn’t know my guess based on my reviews is that you’d call it a scam. you be the judge. All I will say is after reading the fine print I didn’t join.