I was about to check out the Hell Rell mixtape I was then asked for my email address after giving that I’m asked to follow mack millions on instagram?

Well I guess this is Hell Rell and possibly other rappers are doing business. Personally I’ll pass and this is not the first time I’ve seen this stunt getting pulled by Hell Rell last time they were trying to promote some other site.

It’s beginning to become abundantly clear why Jim Jones did what he did to Hell Rell. These are really bummy tactics and if anything Hell Rell should have his own website he’d probably make more money than he would selling out to this Mack Millions guy. A website costs what $20 total to set up maybe throw someone a few thousand to make it look nice, he could have his own twitter handle, Instagram all that set up and toss someone a few grand to run the whole operation. Instead Hell Rell opts for this nonsense. Check out the youtube and the Mack Millions links for yourself.

It’s laughable to me and as of July 08 2015 this Mack Millions guy has 1 subscriber and doesn’t allow comments to be displayed on his youtube page.