In January 1, 1963, the New York State Department of Health started to maintain divorce files. Before that date, the Clerk’s office had already started keeping the Divorce Records New York. That means that if you want to retrieve the files of divorces that occurred in before the said date, you can get it only at the Clerk’s office.

Divorce documents in New York have two types: one is a divorce decree and the other is a divorce certificate. A divorce decree contains confidential pieces of information, like the terms and agreement of the divorce case, and they are provided only to the husband, wife, their legal representatives, and anyone who has a written consent from the court. A divorce certificate, on the other hand, reveals a few details from the documents such as the names of the husband and wife, their date of birth, place of residence, when and where the divorce took place, and others.

To secure a divorce document, you can visit the State Department of Health or the Clerk’s office. There are various ways of making a request, namely: through mail, online, or the telephone. You will be charged differently depending on which way of requesting you opt to use. You can pay the fees through money order, a check, or you can use a credit card. It will take some time before you can get the results, usually reaching several weeks. But if you want the process to be faster, you can opt for a priority handling for an extra charge. If you wish to secure the divorce documents of another individual, you do not need to get their permission. However, you will only be granted limited access to the documents. Thankfully, the pieces of information that will be revealed to you are enough to prove if a divorce is final or not.

A divorce record is required should a divorcee wish to marry again in the future. Without it, a marriage license will not be granted, and subsequently, any marriage that a divorcee will be involved in will become null and void. The record can also be used to claim assets and properties from a past marriage.

Apart from public offices, you can also get divorce files from online search tools that specialized in providing such files to the public. They have the authorization from the court to provide the files so there is no need to worry about any breaches against the law. There are a number of search tools available on the Web. Make sure that you know the history of a certain search tool before you actually use them. Do a little research and determine if other users find them to be reliable or not.

A lot of people are wondering if Are Divorce Records Public. The answer is yes because they are deemed as part of public records. Per the Freedom of Information Act, any individual can access them upon request. Of course, there are certain rules and guidelines regarding the use of the records, and this is to protect the rights to privacy of the owners. Anyone who violates the rules and guidelines shall be punished accordingly.

You don’t have to go all over the place to gather Divorce Records New York one by one. Get these Divorce Court Records all at once plus more!