The Office of Vital Statistics, Ohio Health Department is in-charge of the safe-keeping of public records, including Ohio Divorce Records. Public records are filed at the county clerk of courts and not at the Health Department. But all records are forwarded to the Health Department because they maintain the state’s central repository. The department keeps divorce records dating back from 1954 up until today.

Since divorce records are not filed directly at the State Health Department, the department cannot issue certified copies of the records. They are only allowed to provide a copy that is abstract in form with particulars that prove the validation of a divorce. An abstract copy includes the name of the husband and the wife, their birthdays, date and place of divorce, and others. Particulars that are confidential are kept hidden from the public and can only be viewed by the husband, the wife, their respective lawyers, and other parties as specified by law.

There are corresponding charges for each time you request for the documents. The charges depend on the county where the documents are kept, the style of requesting used, and how much details you can give concerning the documents. Basically, if you can provide more details, the shorter the return time will be and the lesser the cost. If you can only supply a few details, then expect the process to be longer and you will be charged with more. All charges can only be paid through check or money order.

The Office of Vital Statistics of the Ohio Health Department has an official website. An application form can be downloaded from that website. The form has a divorce record section that needs to be filled-out accordingly with particulars such as names of the husband and the wife, and the date and place of the divorce if known. All procedures specified by the Health Department or the Clerk of Court that is taking care of the records should be followed step-by-step or else the application will be rejected.

There are also service providers that are approved by the court to supply divorce files to the public. There are free service providers and there are paid service providers. Prior to deciding which service provider you will utilize, make sure that you do a little research on it first so that you will have an idea if they have a history of good service or not.

If you do not have a clue as to which state the Records of Divorce are kept, find a search tool that lets you do a nationwide search and sustains a database that is linked with the database of other states. Follow directions by the detail and you will get results in no time at all.

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