Where can I download the Bible for free?

I grew up in the seventh day Adventist church and I have quite a few friends involved in the church that now use the internet frequently. Being that I’m a frequent user of Facebook I often see the question of where can I download the Bible for free. Initially I would direct people or be directed to sites like cnet or one of my past favorites located by going to http://www.Biblepath.com/Bible_download.html.

How free is it?

But my problem with these ones is they come with additional software to download, personally I don’t see the need to download additional software to read God’s word online none the less most of these free download sites or using it. My guess is because of the high volume of downloads they’re getting they’ve decided to find a way to profit from it. One thing I want to point out quickly is if you have the IPhone you can download the Bible app by going to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/Bible/id282935706?mt=8.

Easy to read King James Bible Online

If you’ve ever downloaded any free version of the Bible online you might also encounter the problem of having a hard time to read it because of the way the persons who put it online formatted it to solve this problem you might consider visiting the Bible online and downloading the Bible for a onetime fee of $20. What I like about this website is how organized all the chapters are and how easy it is read and download it. Another thing I like is that now my whole family has access to reading the entire Bible online in an easy to read way.

Click here for the Bible online

God bless!