Economic activities vary from one geographical area to another. Where the raw materials to be used in the industries are not adequate, the industries decides to obtain the goods from other places. Once the goods are obtained they need to be transported to the industries through various modes like roads, air and water. These methods are also used for freight hauling of commercial supplies for long distances.

The owners of the shipment to avoid time wastage and extra costs that would be incurred on the long procedures that are involved in the preparations and regulation of such transportation activities. Various individuals or parties play an important role in the carrying process. This are parties that are authorized an are trusted to carry out the procedures.

One of those who are hired are the freight agents; they are hired on the stowage carrier to direct the reception and delivery of supplies. The other is a shipment broker who is either an individual or a company that arrange hauling services for sellers and the buyers. He prepares all the documents required for the shipping and every other activity that may be involved.

The seller has a liability to make some minimum insurance costs towards the safety of his products. If the goods in transit do not reach or reaches the buyer in bad conditions, the seller may incur a great loss. The different means that can be used in the transportation are highly dependent on the nature of any commodities. Aspects like weight, perishability and worthiness of the goods have to be considered when deciding on what means to ship your goods. The procedures are now directed to that means that is said to be effective.

There are different means that can be used in the moving process. This is highly determined by the nature of the commodities like the weight, perishability, worthiness etc. . Once the decision is made on the appropriate means, the process of transportation is effected on that mean.

Transporting of commodities by air is very expensive but the fastest means. Flowers are highly perishable and therefore requires fast modes to avoid great losses. Luggage ticket is issued before the transit. Its preferred where goods are urgently needed and for long distances. It is the best in those areas with no access to other modes of transportation.

Within the country, roads are the most common modes of transport. It is commonly by the use of various vehicles. Large trucks are used to ship large cargoes. Smaller packages are transported by the use of small vehicles like the pickups, motorbikes, etc. While those being moved to very short distances can also be done by the use of animal drawn carts. Railways are the most effective mode of transport and have now been used for a very long period of time. It is used in the movement of bulky and large quantities of goods over long distances connected by rail networks. It is efficient because goods do not have necessarily been loaded on the rail terminus.

Ships and other water vessels are used in the movement of goods across the ocean. This type of transport is effective for the movement of bulky goods and is less affected by adverse weather conditions. This is a slower method of freight hauling but effective for large quantities of goods.

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