Deferred action for dreamers is a government plan that seeks to offer a chance to immigrants in American to formalize their stay. They get a legal status that affords them the privilege to live and work in the US for a period of two years. The period is renewable if they abide by the code of conduct provided. They also enjoy such privileges as the right to own a driving license and enlist in social security schemes.

Successful applicants are given legal permits to stay and work in USA. They are at liberty to apply for employment and work in all sectors of the economy. This is extended to cover work and leisure related travels. This means official and private trips abroad without losing their privileges. Beneficiaries must indicate their status on the travel documents they use on their trips. They have the freedom to travel for education purposes and charity works.

The government retains the authority to approve and decline any application. A successful applicant can have his status withdrawn if he violates any of the codes that come with the status. Unsuccessful applicants can appeal with the possibility of reversal. The activities of beneficiaries are closely monitored to avoid breach of rules that are communicated during application.

Possession of DACA status is not an automatic ticket to citizenship or granting of permanent stay. Beneficiaries cannot extend the privileges to relatives, spouses, guardians or dependents. The information filled in the application forms should be selective and accurate. It can be used against the applicants in a court of law. Applicants are advised to consult specialist attorneys and the Board of Migration Appeal for accurate information on required details and their formats.

There are dedicated immigration agencies that assist through the process of application. Other non governmental organizations support applicants through the processes. They ensure that you give accurate information that will favor your application. Experience and expertise are vital when dealing with immigration issues.

The conditions of application are favorable to different categories of people. The age limits for applicants are between 15 and 31 years. This age must have been attained by January 15th 2012. The program also covers persons who went to the USA before they attained 15 years of age. Applicants are required to have stayed in the US for an uninterrupted period from June 15 2012 to date. A brief and explainable absence is understandable and cannot be used against you during deliberations for approval.

Agents or attorneys cannot submit the application forms on your behalf. The law requires that the application and submission be done in person. Additional requirements include presence in US on 15th June 2012. The scheme accommodates persons who entered America without immigration scrutiny or valid documents. This is their chance to formalize their stay. Those who had temporally permits but they have expired have a chance to get new status.

Deferred action for dreamers also recognized immigrants who are in US to pursue education. High school graduates are eligible to apply and so are service men discharged from the forces honorably. Successful applicants must have a clean civil and criminal record. This means absence of major demeanor or threat to public safety.

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