Is a scam?

Being that I haven’t actually tried extreme meta burn I cannot write about its effectiveness but what I will say is be careful with their trial offer online trial offers have a reputation for being really expensive and hard to cancel. I personally would avoid signing up for online trial offers all together because typically you the customer wind up paying more for the trial order than you would had you just purchased the item and regular online store. terms and conditions

Before you sign up for this product using the website, make sure you read their terms and conditions mainly the section titled “1. ORDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS” Because that section tells you the actual price you will be billed after your trial expires. For the record the date in which I’m writing this is 12/12/2011 so depending on when you read their terms and conditions things may have or may not have changed. You can find their terms and connditions at the bottom of the extreme Meta burn website or by visiting this page


By ordering today you are enrolling in a subscription to Extreme Meta Burn for $79.93 per/month. As a special bonus for signing up today you will be billed a low introductory rate of $4.95 for your first 14 days. You may cancel at anytime by calling 1-855-256-2876 or emailing [email protected]


Final thoughts on

Personally I think $79 per month is too much money to be paying for one shipment of extreme meta burn. That being said; don’t let me personal opinion stop you from trying it. Please leave your comments or your experience with below it helps others.

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