FDIC notification Scam

Did you get an email saying something like supposedly from the FDIC saying something like the message below because if you did it’s a complete scam! Do not download anything from them. Yes the email appears to be coming from them but the reality is that it’s not. Depending on your email provider you won’t be able to reply to the message which shows that it’s a scam. Again do not open their messages or their attachments because whatever is in their attachments is sure to make your computer vulnerable to some sort of malicious virus attack.

FDIC notification spam email

The email I received looked something like the message below I’m pretty sure whoever is reading this received a similar email.

Dear customer,
Your account ACH and WIRE transaction have been temporarily suspended for security reasons due to the expiration of your security version. To download and install the newest installations read the document(pdf) attached below.

As soon as it is setup, you transaction abilities will be fully restored.

Contact the FDIC directly

If you get the chance contact the FDIC immediately to let them know about these spam emails, this way the word can get out and hopefully these spammers can be shut down. This is serious stuff and it’s emails like these that allow spammers access to peoples personal information. Those attachments usually have some sort of worm that might steal peoples personal information I know for some of you this is no brainer stuff but b not doing anything you’re actually contributing to the problem so please contact the FDIC and let them know what’s going on.