Federal Deposit Insurance Company Scam Emails

If you’re receiving emails from what appears to be “[email protected]” do not click them do not open them do not respond to them. They’re phising scams that contain malware viruses that may compromise any and all personal information on your computer. If you clicked the email in error I highly recommend scanning your computer for viruses immediately. Yes it’s really that serious it’s email like these ones that allow scammers to hack into bank accounts. I write these posts mainly so people do not become victims the spam email is below if the email that you received looks anything like what is seen below delete it immediately.

Dear Business Customer,
We have important information about your bank.
Please refer to attached file to view information.
This includes information on the acquiring bank (if applicable), how your accounts and loans are affected, and how vendors can file claims against the receivership
FDIC USA Questions for FDIC?
Contact Us
Federal Insurance Company
� 3501 Fairfax Drive
� Arlington VA 22226
� 877-275-3342
Please inform others about these fake “Federal Deposit Insurance Company” emails. I know for most of you this is a no brainer but there are still people who are new to the internet that will fall for this stuff. There are also lots of people that will open and click these emails out of sheer curiosity thinking that nothing will happen. It only takes one click for hackers to be able to get into computer depending on how they coded their software. So be warned and do not click this spam. For the record most of these spam emails are coming from Russia.

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