FedEx Express Scam

Although FedEx is a trusted brand do not open any email that has  FedEx Express in its title this is a hackers trick to get your email and your private information. The message I receieved is below if you received one similar than you know its a total scam.

FedEx: New Agent File Form, trackid: 4PSGYFALF738GV8U‏ Spam email

The FedEx Export AgentFile form replaces the paper SED which is no longer required by the US government. All EEI shipments must be filed electronically with the government prior to tendering the shipments to FedEx. For all future shipments that require an EEI, please complete and sign the attached form and fax it to (866) 879-9037 or you may email your request to [email protected] An ITN (internal transaction number) provided by the government will be communicated to you via your choice of: phone, email or fax. The ITN must be written on your AWB or label. The ITN indicates that the shipment has been submitted to the government and approved to export.

Also, listed below for your convenience is the US government website for Schedule B numbers. Should there be any doubt of the commodity number being provided on the SED Agent File form, please taken advantage of this valuable resource.

Thank you for choosing FedEx,

Manifesting Ops Asst.
FedEx Express
EEI Department/AES Processing
2927 Southwide Bldg B
Memphis, Tennessee 38118
Tel: 866 352-3252 (Opt. 2)
Fax: 866 879-9037

Say no to FedEx Express spam

If you see an email title FedEx Express just delete it if you’re expecting a FedEx package call FedEx for yourself. This email is total spam and it’s used for hackers to gain access to your private and personal information.