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Fill out a Wendy’s application online

A new website has been launched to help Wendy’s better understand their customers. It’s a survey type of site and people can get rewarded at the date I’m writing this up to $500 just for signing up. I’m not sure if people have read about online sweepstakes and how they work, but in a nut shell it’s always a good idea to sign up with a website that has a sweepstakes especially if it’s a major corporation such as Wendy’s. The reason I say this is because they have a reputation to uphold which means real people will be winners. The link below will take you the website.

Wendy’s Advisor Panel


$100 Prizes just for filling out a Wendy’s Survey?

It’s always a good idea to sign up early because your odds of success increase. What I like with sweepstakes is that you don’t have to participate to win. You just have to sign up, it’s also good promotion for Wendy’s when you sign you’ll notice that they’re connected with twitter and Facebook. You could spread the word to your family and friends if you want, one way or another they’ll probably hear about it anyway. Also Every time you complete a survey, your name will be entered into one of their quarterly drawings which will give you the chance to win one of three $100 prizes each quarter. Pretty cool for just answering a few questions online. Unfortunately I’ve been told this offer is currently for United States residents only.

Wendy’s Advisor Panel