Is a scam?

First thing I want to make clear is¬† is not a legitimate news website the second thing I want to make abundantly clear is that the character presented named Kelly Richards the regular mom is nothing more than a fictional character used to make people landing on this website believe that is legitimate. Something else I want to point out is the checks being used on this website are dated 2008 and the video being used is also very outdated. This scam and these fake news websites are all over the internet don’t be fooled into believing that is legitimate either. How their scam works is they will keep up-selling you until you realize that their system does not work. They make money from people who purchase their system for $59 and then they make more money from the up-sells and the coaching. It’s really that simple. Ultimately it’s your money and you can choose to do whatever you want with it that being said – You’ve been warned join them at your own risk!

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