Illinois is one of the states where divorce cases are growing in number. Access to divorce certificates is also increasing. Requesting for an Illinois divorce record is not a very simple process.

There are several rules that one should know in order to obtain a copy of a divorce certificate. One should know that only the divorcees and their immediate family members are allowed to request for it. Other can obtain the document provided that they can secure an authorization letter. Also, the information about the divorce has to be provided in order to proceed with the search. The one who request for the record should be prepared to provide their contact and personal details upon request. Such information is used for documentation purposes.

In addition to what was mentioned above, the information that can be found on a divorce certificate is controlled. This means that not all the details about the separation are indicated on the public file. One can only find the basic details about the divorce on a public document such as the names of the divorced individuals, the date and the place where the separation was made legal. The reason for the separation is kept private along with other details such as the custody of the children and the division of the properties and assets.

There are several reasons why the people of Illinois request for a copy of a divorce record. Conducting a background check is one of the uses or a divorce record. One would be able to know whether the person they are dating is truthful about his/her marital status. This can help avoid problems during marriage application. The information that can be found on a divorce certificate is used in updating the family tree. Divorce records are not as important as birth, death or marriage files but if it is not updated, it may confuse future generations.

Unlike other states where the divorce records are being managed at the Vital Records Section, in Illinois, the said office still keeps the records but one cannot get certified copies of divorce certificates at the state office. The office can also assist in verifying information about the separation. Certified copies have to be requested at the county clerk office where the divorce was made legal. Sending a mail order is also possible but the certificates may be released after several days since it was requested. Because of the long wait time, other methods are also used to make the search even faster.

Divorce records public access in Illinois has improved with the help of the Internet. This has shortened, if not eliminate, the wait time. Such method is also convenient since the request can be done even without going to a certain office.

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