How to find a good software programmer

If you’re looking to for a web programmer to help grow your business it’s important that you understand some things first. This post is assuming that you’re going to outsource. Regardless of where you live in the world I recommend outsourcing your web programmer. I live in the U.S and even though I’d love to hire a U.S based programmer the truth of the matter is that U.S programmers right now are way too expensive for my budget, plus a lot of the so called American based programmers are actually outsourcing the jobs they’re receiving.

The downside to Outsourcing however is communication and also the intangibles what I mean by intangibles are the little things that happen once you build edit or even install web scripts and/or software; understanding this fact it’s important to understand that it’s not a good idea in my opinion to use sites like Odesk, Getafreelancer or Elance because when you use sites like this you only get access to programmers for one particular job; and by job I mean one specific task on top of this using sites like this will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Hire a software programmer full time

If you’re planning on running a successful web based business you need to hire a full time web programmer. This is no secret to any person making a substantial income online and I know deep down inside if you’re reading this that you know what I’m saying is true. When you have a full time programmer working for your business there’s nothing your business can’t do. All over the world kids and adults are learning web programming because they know by learning this skill they add value to any web based business. If you’re serious about building a web based business in 2012 you should be taking advantage of this. You need a full time web programmer

Another reason why you need a full time programmer

I’m writing this post because I have experience in this area. When you build or install any web based software you will encounter problems and when these problems occur; you don’t want to be stuck and have to run to a site like Odesk to spend your last $300 on web programmer who doesn’t care about your business. If you have your own full time programmer you never have to worry about bugs in your software because you have a programmer to fix this problem for you.

Where to find the best web based programmers

If you’re looking for a programmer in my personal opinion the best place to start is Replace Myself which has the best low cost virtual assistants online. What makes Replace Myself different from other place is that you get Full time employees that are trained for you. These employees can also be taught to do anything else you might need if you’re business person looking for help for your business consider visiting this site

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