First thing I would like to do quickly is give you the reader a quick little lesson about online dating that I’ve learned over the past few years. Actually I learned this from my brother and what he always says is go to the dating sites with the most members. As it stands now flirt crowd does not have a huge membership base. Typically when dating websites don’t have huge amounts of members they use every trick in the book to get people to become paying members. terms always read the fine print

If you’re still reading I hope the bold wording above got your attention because this is how they get people to spend money they didn’t know they had online. Before you submit your credit card information always make sure you take a glance at the terms and conditions. Flirt crowd considering their small membership base has some pretty high fees. The flirt crowd terms can be found by going to

Is worth the money?

Personally I don’t pay to join dating sites that have a small membership amount. It’s never worth it because 9 times out of 10 most of the members there aren’t active or may have already quit searching. It’s much better in my opinion to go with the bigger dating websites that more people are familiar with. If you’re one of those people that sign up and quit after a one month don’t bother with online dating.

Although personally I wouldn’t join I do think they have some pretty good features just make sure you read their fine print before you sign up. As it stands now in 2011 I personally feel as though free dating sites like POFDate hook up and DateEtc are currently the best online dating websites.

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