Divorce is usually the solution chosen by married couples if they think that their marriage is no longer working. Such event has to be properly documented to make it official and legal. The divorce Records Florida issues to its residents are open to the public. This means that the residents can easily request it anytime it is needed.

Divorce records in the state of Florida are used for several reasons. There are several documents that the government would require when requesting for any processes. One of the documents that are used often is the divorce certificate. In some request, it is very important that without it, request may not be processed. It is also one of the sources of information when conducting a genealogy research. It is the last priority but it may cause problems for the future generations. Divorces who plan to marry again should present a copy of the divorce certificate.

One can find the basic information of the separation on a public divorce record. The names of the husband and the wife who separated are indicated on the record together with the date and the place where the divorce filed the separation. One can also find the name of the witnesses and the prosecutor who handled the separation.

Further details about the separation are kept confidential. Only the divorcees can view information such as the reason for the separation and who petitioned for the separation. Details about the custody of the children are kept away from the public. One would not find details about the division of properties and assets. This information is kept away from public access to protect the privacy of the involved individuals.

One can get a copy of a divorce record at the office of the Vital Statistics in the Department of Health. The said office only releases copies of the document provided that it has been registered since June 6, 1927. One has to go to the county clerk office to get records before the said date. A processing fee of $5 has to be paid when requesting for a copy of a divorce record. The request form should contain the personal information of the one who requested the document. This is done to check their relationship to the divorcees since the file is only given to the divorcees themselves or their family members. By providing the basic information of the file that is being requested, it can help hasten the search process.

Delay in unavoidable in requesting for a copy of a divorce record in any government offices but this can be avoided if the search was made with the help of the Internet. With the use of the Internet, time and effort can be saved since there is no need to go to any office. The online form can be filled with information and submitted virtually then the requested details are displayed on the screen. There are even free divorces records search online. One just needs to do a little research on which websites offer such service.

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