If you want to get your hands on Divorce Records Florida you can look at the Florida Office of Vital Statistics. Originally, divorce records are filed at a county Clerk of Court. But since the 6th of June 1927, they are forwarded to the Office of Vital Statistics because that is the central storage for public records in Florida. For records prior to the 6th of June 1927, they are found only at the exact County Clerk of Court where they were originally recorded.

Anyone can access divorce records because they are part public records. If you want to access your own records, you will be given access to the entire record. However, if you requesting for the records of another person, you will only be given limited information about it to preserve the rights to privacy of the owner.

Only divorce records are accepted by the court as proof of the dissolution of marriage. When a divorced person wishes to remarry in the near future, he or she must have a copy of the divorce record and present it before the court when applying for marriage license. If you want to view all that has been agreed upon in a divorce case, such as how assets and liabilities are divided, you can look at the divorce record.

Obtaining the records from the Office of Vital Statistics means that you have to complete an application form which is downloadable from their office’s official website. You have to show a government-issued ID to prove your identity. Then you have to state what your relationship to the couple is and your reason for requesting the records. There is a $5 fee for each record and $4 for additional copies. The no refund policy applies even if the records you requested are not found.

To start a search, you have to provide the full name of either the man or the woman. You also have to include the year where the divorce was granted to make the searching process easier. If you are not aware of the exact year, you can provide a range of years to search. However, you have to pay $2 for each year that is searched. You also have to include your contact information so that the office knows who to send it to once the records are found.

Divorce Files can also be found on the Internet. There are websites that are owned by private groups that have the capability of retrieving the documents. Such websites are easy to find but you have to check their credibility first to make sure that you are getting legit information. One way of checking their credibility is by reading user reviews. Read them carefully and figure out if past and current clients find a particular website credible.

The most critical step in conducting Florida Divorce Records is selecting the source. Come and share our research findings on Free Marriage Divorce Records Public and make the right choice.