Free useless web traffic for your website

If you’re looking for free useless web traffic you’ve come to the right place I won’t waste too much time breaking down how this worthless web traffic works however what I can say is real web visitors will come to website however chances are they won’t be clicking anything and they probably won’t be viewing your website either. How it works is basically the visitor will have your website open in a web browser for set amount of seconds which they’ll receive credits for, if you want credits you have to do the same for that visitor with that said multiply that number by about 100,000 and that’s how you get your free useless web traffic.

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Now if you’re looking for web traffic that has a bit more value, if you used the link above you’ll notice that it’s ad supported well people all over the world are being paid to do what I just did above and you can get a lot of visitors to your website for pennies and YES THIS INCLUDES United States, U.K, Australian and Canadian web traffic for a few cents per visitor and what’s better is unlike adwords or pay per click marketing this type of traffic is a lot less time consuming and 1/4 of price, 100 United states visitors on Google Adwords might cost you $1000 depending on what word(s) you target. With this type of traffic $50 would get you 10,000 legitimate United States visitors. If you’re interested click the link below. The process is very straight forward.

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