Legit or Scam? Reviews

Another binary options app that apparently is going to give you free and easy cash? Geez, where have I heard this before? First off for those of you in a rush. No! I don’t think Gemini2 is legit and yes based on my reviews I do think is a scam. But I will say pretty good acting job and decent presentation. For those of you that don’t have a clue about how binary options work.

Well, the truth is and binary option broker affiliates like Gemini2 are the exact reasons why stock market trading is so regulated. Binary options trading for the most part isn’t regulated. This is why can run promotions like the one it’s currently running in 2016. You won’t as an example see a mutual fund company promoting an APP equivalent to the one being promoted by Why? because the mutual fund industry (although flawed as well) is regulated.


When it comes to binary options it’s really like gambling and when the house(The binary Options brokerage) is in the whole or in trouble it can simply shut down operations, confiscate its winnings, cease to exist, and then resume operations under a new name repeating the same old scam. This is why chances are won’t be the last Binary Options Brokerage promotion you’ll see. why binary options trading is like gambling

Prior to joining any binary options brokerage, you should really consider reading what Wikipedia has to say about Binary options. for those of you too lazy to read basically once you deposit money into the brokerage you and your money and any potential earnings you think you have been at the mercy and discretion of the binary options brokerage. There really isn’t any accountability in that industry and for the most part, it’s unregulated which makes any losses you get by joining them fair game.

Final thoughts regarding

Now the App being promoted by really is the carrot for the donkey. The truth is it doesn’t matter how good the App is if the binary options broker it’s recommending ceases to exist so does the APP, then ask yourself this. What company do you know that would start a business just to lose money? Do you see why I think is not legit and is a scam? Well if you don’t I guess you should give and whatever it’s recommending a try. Just don’t say I recommended you.

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