Marriage is the result of two people in untied in love and this is documented in the form of a marriage certificate. GA marriage records or marriage certificates issued in Georgia are open to the public which means that the local residents are allowed to access and request it whenever it is necessary. The implementation of the Freedom of Information Act has made this possible.

A marriage certificate is an important document that the people of Georgia use on a regular basis. Marriage records are one of the vital documents used when updating the genealogy. Some transactions in the government would call for a copy of a marriage license in order to proceed with any request. Checking on the marital status of an individual is also another use of such document. This is mostly done by people who want to make sure that they are dating someone who is unattached.

The marriage licenses that are issued in the state of Georgia contain details about the marriage. The names of the couple who got married are found on the document along with the date and the place where it was held. The document also contains the place and date of birth of the bride and the groom along with the names of their parents. One would also know from the document who served as the witness on the marriage.

Records that were registered from the 9th of June 1952 are available for request at the Department of Public health. One can get a copy of a marriage certificate prior to the given date at the county where it was registered. A processing fee of $10 has to be paid in order to get the requested file. The basic detail of the record that is being requested has to be indicated on the application form. One is also required to provide their contact details as well as a valid reason for getting the record. Their relationship to the one on the file has to be known as well because the file is only given to the couple or their immediate family.

There are two ways in getting a copy of a marriage certificate in the state of Georgia. One is to go to the office to file it personally or send a mail order to the office. The mail request should contain all the requirements and information needed. The payment for the request has to be included as well and it should only be in the form of money order or check. Several days is needed in order to get the requested document when doing the mail order. It only takes hours when the document is requested personally at the office but it can take just seconds when the search is made online.

The Internet has made the retrieval of records of marriage easier and convenient. There is no need to go anywhere and wait for several days since it can be requested even at the comforts of your own home. After doing a few clicks the requested file is then displayed on the monitor. It is even available 24/7, so the request can be made anytime at your own convenience.

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