Information is it a scam?

First thing I want to make clear is that this isn’t a review nor is this a rebuttal to any reviews you might read online. Personally GlobalAdShare is not worth my time but I do see the appeal of it!

A few years ago a lot of people fell for a scam called Justbeenpaid at the time Just been paid was using Alertpay which is now Payza to collect and distribute payments. The destruction of Just been paid wasn’t so much the flaw in their design but the fact that they didn’t include taxes into their flawed design. Although I can’t prove it as many of us know this is why Alertpay is now Payza and also why Payza has such strict rules when using their payment processor. uses payment processors that don’t have strict policies against matrix’s and financial cylclers and the fact that they’re using all three might allow them to last longer.

All I will say is the reason some payment processors allow matrix’s and cyclers is because of the high fees that they charge so if you’re going to sign up although GlobalAdShare claims to be “INDEFINITELY SUSTAINABLE” beware that although their system might be INDEFINITELY SUSTAINABLE it doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to properly balance their accounting books when the tax man intervenes. If you’re going to sign up my advice to you would be to get as many referrals as possible because that’s how most of the people that join make the most money.

Do I think is a hoax or a scam? I do but maybe I only think that because I like affiliate marketing a lot better. I’m not a fan of paying someone just so they cycle me my own money. I’d much rather be the intermediary of information and get paid via clicks or referrals. I wish all the people that sign up best of luck but I don’t recommend! God Bless!

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