Cash Flow Money Online – Is It a Scam

For many of you reading this you should have an idea of what an MLM is and how it works. MoneyLine or from what I’ve obsevered is not a scam, however how long it remains legit based on my reviews depends on new people signing up. Network marketing has a flaw built into it and that flaw is turning members into customers.

Forcing members to also become customers is what differentiates Network marketing from traditional businesses. In a traditional business customers are drawn to a product or service by what it can offer them NOW. This arrangement allows a customer the freedom to shop around without having to be forced into contractual obligation to give the business a predetermined amount of money every day, month or year. Also a customer is not reliant on recruiting new customers for the company it’s doing business with.

In MLM you’re not forced to do anything but it’s in your best interests to promote the MLM income if you want achieve the financial dream the Network marketing company is dangling in your face. What this means ultimately is that the survival of the MLM is dependent on innovations and great products. The moment this fades memberships start to drop. As an example I can recruit you to but that doesn’t mean that you have to be active. Now the moment you become inactive my commissions start to decline if this happens in a massive scale I’m also less likely to promote the MLM myself which results in a crash.

This happens in all businesses at the moment the rise in Amazon is shrinking the sales of Walmart, Wal mart tries to rectify this by deploying several different new strategies the least of which obligates its customers to pay them a fee. With an MLM like there’s a set pretermined fee to use their services which is divided up between members and their downlines. A slow down in this area often spells doom for the company and it also forces investors to work continually promoting

The above explanation doesn’t make moneyline legit or a scam, the illustration gives you a glimpse into why most MLM businesses eventually fail or stagnate. But a counter to that argument is that a lot of businesses have this problem. So in conclusion I personally don’t recommend however if you want to sign up don’t let me stop you. With that out of the way if you’re going to join an online Network marketing company you better know how to build a downline which in the online world means you better learn internet marketing.

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