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I’m actually surprised that these things still exist online what annoys me most about websites like is that they usually register their business in Las Vegas Nevada. The reason they do this is because in Las Vegas laws make it almost impossible to sue these people or corporations in the event they scam you. I will tell you from experience that if you’re looking for a grant all you need to do is go to the United States website and search. No private company has the inside scoop all they will tell is what’s already on the government websites. Also what you should know is most of the grants go to people with businesses. terms and conditions

My reason for writing this post is because the only thing wants is your credit card information all of these “Government Grant” websites are the same they want to get you on their automatic re-billing program. They suck you in with the free offer and then they make it hard for you to cancel. Below is an excerpt of’s terms and conditions you might want to consider reading it before you sign up. Their full terms and conditions can be found by going to


By signing up to become a member of Grant Assist Online Resource Center, you’ll be charged $57.93 for a monthly membership in the Online Grant Resource Center. You’ll have 7 days from your initial signup date to utilize the Grant Assist service and our Online Grant Resource Center for free — if you’re not satisfied for any reason and cancel within the initial 7-day period, you will not be charged any subscription fees.

You can cancel anytime after the initial 7-day membership, in which case you won’t be refunded the month’s subscription charge, but you’ll have access to the Online Grant Resource Center through the end of the month, and won’t be billed again. If you cancel within the initial 7-day period or, if you are refunded for all or a portion of your subscription charge at any point, GA reserves the right to terminate your account either immediately, or at the end of then current billing month. When your account is terminated, you will no longer have access to the member site. There is no minimum membership period.


If you would like to change or update your credit card or billing information, please call our Customer Service Team using our online ‘contact us’ form. You may give notice to us by certified U.S. Mail postage prepaid or by nationally recognized overnight courier to the following address:

Grant Assist – US Office
848 North Rainbow Boulevard
Suite #589
Las Vegas, NV 89107
United State of America
Toll-Free (888) 632-5590

GA Customer Service Line – for existing customers only – 1-(888) 632-5590


My last words on

Like I said in the beginning of this post I’m actually surprised that these things are still around. I personally feel as though their scams and people shouldn’t join them. Please leave your comments or your experiences with below by sharing you help other people.

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