Is a scam? aka Kevin’s Grant Blog

If you live in Canada I hope you didn’t fall for this B.S scam Kevin’s Grant Blog is trying to pull over people’s eyes. If you smart before you sign up you would at least contact Hrdc to verify you can contact Hrdc by either going to or by typing ‘Canadian Grants’ into the Google search engine. They run this exact same scam in the United States and what happens is they offer you some kind of trial and then they catch you on the back end with high re-occurring fees Don’t fall for it it’s a flat out scam!

Kevin’s Grant Blog recommends

Kevin’s Grant Blog recommends Canadians check out which is a bullsh*t website offering bullsh*t information before you sign up for their trial make sure you read the terms and conditions first below are details of the terms and conditions I highlighted the important parts in Blue.


5. Orders/Billing. In consideration for the Online Products you receive from Grant Kit, you agree to pay the Fees (as defined below). You shall have the choice to pay the Fees via the credit card or debit card that you provide as part of your Application or update as a later date (“Active Credit Card”). Your card will be charged a processing fee of $1.95 to start your free trial;

Offer Details: Clicking the buy button will activate your trial membership with Grant Kit and provide instructions to the supplied email address! To activate your trial membership to Grant Kit your card will be charged $1.95 and then you can immediately take advantage of the exciting savings Grant Kit has to offer! After your 1 day trial period it’s just $57.61 for each 30 days for Grant Kit. Remember, you can chat with a live operator by calling 1.866.400.9839 within the 1 day period to cancel or emailing us at [email protected] and providing detailed information to enable us to process your request, and you will not be charged. As an exclusive bonus we are offering our customers 2 days of unlimited access to our work from home guide for a charge of $1.95. Cancel anytime during the trial period to avoid any further charges. Otherwise, a one-time fee of $38.21 will be charged to your credit card. Marking the checkbox and submitting the form constitutes an agrement to these terms on your part.

Final thoughts on Kevin’s Grant Blog

I recommend staying away from this site from Canadian to Canadian I’m telling you to stay away its B.S! If you’re looking for a legit Canadian Grant contact the HRDC and ask them to help you get one getting a Canadian grant is not complicated. Again the HRDC website that handles grants can be found at  or just by typing Canadian Grants into Google search.

If you’re strapped for cash consider visiting the Work From Home page