Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels as you search for a defense lawyer? When you’re actually able to talk with a “real” person you find out that the lawyer doesn’t deal with cases like yours or that he can’t take you on as a new client. These tips will help you up your game and find a lawyer who will serve you well.

If you are acquainted with a judge, you might ask him/her for a recommendation for a good attorney. Not only do judges start off as attorneys, but they are also familiar with every attorney who works in their area, especially those who handle cases in their courtrooms.

Forums that focus on legal matters are also a great way to get in touch with some good defense lawyers. Post your case details and ask questions; then wait and see what replies and advice you receive. You might even find someone who had a similar problem and check which lawyer they hired.

Good defense lawyers are meticulous with the correspondence they send and receive. Everything must be in writing. Without correspondence being in writing it’s all but impossible to prove in a court of law what was said or done. That’s why you want to find a lawyer who keeps copies of every piece of written correspondence between all parties involved.

“There goes your attorney. ” He/she’s the one that gives you free advice. “Where?” – “Online of course!” Don’t think you can find a good attorney so fast – actually you can. With a little research and word of mouth, you will find a defense lawyer that matches your needs and budget.

Comparing defense lawyers against each other is a great way to identify their strengths and weaknesses and narrow your list of potential hires. If it is unclear how you should compare legal services, start by finding a notoriously bad attorney. You may use his or her negative reputation to help you identify good lawyers instead.

The use of state bar association sites can help you a lot in your search for the right defense lawyer who is good, credible, honest, and reasonable enough for you and your needs. All the information you can acquire from these online and off-line sources should be confirmed and tested to ensure its accuracy.

If a defense lawyer does not return your email or your voice message when you try to reach him for the first time, you should not pursue him any further. It is clear that he is not interested in taking your case. Perhaps he is too busy at the moment and cannot take more cases.

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