review is it a scam?

As long as it’s free to join i’m all for any survey company personally I’m not active at mainly because of a few other survey sites that I personally feel are relatively better at this time. In the past survey sites would be around for a very long time but now a days a new one pops up every month what’s worse is that most of them are not legit. I do see the value in but being that I’ve been doing online surveys for over 10 years I think if your just starting out you might want to consider weighing your options. compared to my favorite survey programs

That being said I prefer using survey sites that have a much better reputation of-course not everyone will be happy using them but I will say that I’ve had a good experience using these ones in particular. These sites are honest and they’re profitable for me consider joining them if you want to make money online. Compared to all the other survey sites that I’ve tried these 4 have a much higher level of professionalism you will notice it too.

Toluna Canada

NDP Canada

Iposis Canada

Snap Dollars Canada

Once you’ve visited all of the above mentioned sites yo might notice a difference on how those sites above conduct themselves compared to how great canadian survey conducts it’s business. That’s why I choose to deal with those survey companies on top of that they always deliver as promised. Most survey companies make claims and never deliver you will not have that problem with the sites listed above.

Final thoughts on Great Canadian Survey

If something is free to join I won’t call it a scam I will however call something a scam if they make ridiculous income promises that they can’t keep. GreatCanadianSurvey seems legit but it will take some time before I add it to my list of favorite survey sites. Please leave your comments or your experience with belw it helps others.

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