Is a Scam

In regards to “Grudd” I would say it’s a much better idea to just ignore them. I know it’s hard as a fellow internet marketer myself I see 500,000 visitors to my site for $9.95 and I say to myself well it’s only $9.95 lets troll the dice and see what happens. Trust me I know.

Hey You I got traffic for sale it’s just like

The best way for me to put this to you is like this “hey people 1,000, 000 visitors for $15.95”. Below is a mini short story think you should read. It’s about my traffic special and my customers frequently asked question

Customer asks:  Where do you get your traffic from?

My Reply: well we get our traffic from multiple places that we can’t confirm in any way shape or form. Don’t worry about that just give me your $15 I will set up your campaign, real nice, lots of un targeted traffic for you, now give me your money!!!.

Pop under traffic Information

Now personal I seldom if ever use traffic sources like this one. I have used it just to try it. Results were as I expected out of 1000 visitors I go 4 sign ups and by sign ups I do not mean sales I got 4 sign ups to my list. If you’re looking for traffic like this I would recommend Visit Boost.

However there is also something I think you should read about this type of traffic which is typically pop under traffic. The legit ones like Visit Boost use pop up and pop under traffic on the other hand… I have NO CLUE where they get their traffic. Now pop up and pop under traffic goes back a long way. Don’t forget being the pop under traffic you are the annoying advertisement people hate to see. That being said… It’s still traffic.

Link Share Traffic

Now out of all the cheap traffic sources nothing beats Link share traffic, there are videos about it I use it all the time, but based on my personal results there’s only one source I’ve used that I’ve continually received results. Now allow me to point out that the results were not like targeted traffic but it’s still good and for their prices you really can’t complain. Adfly to dat is the best alternative traffic source on the net.

Nothing I’ve tried even comes close to Adfly, there times where I’ve turned $15. into thousands but let me also point out that there times where I’ve completely struck out using Adfly. It really depends on what website you’re promoting.

For you to fully understand how  works I highly recommend you click the follow link How Does Adfly Work? (which will open a new window and bring you right back to this page) and wait for the “skip ad” to appear. Click the “skip ad” link at the top right hand corner. and it should bring you back to this page.

It’s important to understand that there are thousands of website all over the world using by Adfly to make an income. Because anytime any visitor clicks an Adfly link somebody gets paid, it’s also important to understand that Adfly appears in sites that get higher commissions for consistent large sums of traffic, the traffic most people want from Adfly is United States traffic allow me to point out to you and this is why you’ll want to join sooner than later there are times where it may take a longer period of time to get United States traffic from Adfly, the reason is because many of the sites that work for Adfly are outside the U.S.

Anyway I wrote more than I wanted too.

Final Thoughts on

First off I would hate to get scammed by a website called “” secondly I can’t find a single spot on their website that tells me where they get their traffic from. Thirdly the website is called if you want to try them out don’t let me stop you just don’t say I didn’t warn you best wishes.  Please leave your comments below.

Click Here For the Adfly Website