It is said that dog is mans best friend. However, there are times when mans best friend turn against him biting him. This normally leads to pain, suffering and in some cases even loss of life. If the dog that bit you is not yours, then you will be entitled to medical compensation and even compensation for the injuries suffered from its owner. However, very few dog owners will accept to compensate you without fighting back and even those who do; will want to under compensate you. So the best way to ensure that you are properly compensated is to hire a relevant solicitor. When looking for a dog bite attorney Portland Oregon victims will find the following tips useful.

The best starting point for the search is to ask for recommendations from friends and relatives if they have worked with such lawyers before. Most personal injury cases are normally related. Because of this, it is worthwhile asking for recommendations even if the person you ask to recommend a lawyer has not worked with any lawyer of puppy bite cases.

Other than your friends and colleagues, internet can be another valuable option of meeting lawyers. This is because most of them advertise their services through their websites. You will also be able to know many things about the lawyer from his website. Some of the things you can learn from a lawyers website include area of specialization, charges and so forth.

Once you identify a number of potential attorneys whom you can work with either through friends or from internet, the next step would be to consider their specific areas of concentration. Nowadays lawyers major in specific areas of interest. So you should not choose one practicing as a divorce attorney for your personal injury case.

Of course you will have to pay the lawyer for his services after the work. Because of this, you should not forget about legal charges when choosing a solicitor. Choose one that you can afford without much of a problem. This you can only achieve by comparing rates from a number of them.

You must also choose a solicitor that you have chemistry with. This is usually very important because you will need to communicate with your lawyer a lot before, during and even after the case. This is important so that the lawyer can brief about the progress of the case while at the same time you can also provide him with the required information. If you choose one that you have no chemistry with, there will be not communication between the two of you. This is likely to undermine your case.

Most experts usually recommend local attorneys as opposed to their foreign counterparts. This is for the simple reason that someone who is locally based will be familiar with the internal laws. A local lawyer has also interacted with the judges on a number of occasions and is not likely to be frightened by them.

Because you only get one opportunity to fight for your rights, you need to give it your best. This you will only achieve by carefully choosing the lawyer to represent you. By adhering to the above guidelines during the search of dog bite attorney Portland Oregon people will get what they deserve.

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