Is a scam?

As far as the goes the first thing anyone reading this should know is that is not a legitimate news website in fact if you look at the top of the website it says “ADVERTORIAL” meaning it’s sole purpose is to recommend products or services for you to buy. Furthermore it should also be noted that the comments left on the are not legit and they’re put there to make the user believe that people are excited about the product. One other thing I should mention is Dr. OZ does not personally endorse the website.

That being said it’s up to you if you wish to sign up for products recommended at the website. I’m not calling it a scam however I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend. At the moment the only weight loss supplement I recommend is ProShapeRX which is a supplement I know works and something you can try free for 30 days. Actually what I should say is as of the day I wrote this ProShapeRX is free to try for 30 days however you have to call to cancel. If you try it I highly recommend doing what it asks the people that got results followed the regime.

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