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Hey! Can you text me please? Or hit me up on YH‏ – SPAM EMAIL

If you go a message that said something like

“i saw your photo on facebook (yourecute!) I finally got my webcam working
again … i’d like to get to know you a little better youre just my type 🙂
Can you text my cell phone today so I know youre real?? here is my
number (470) 222-7012 i’ll be waiting!!! Or addme on yahoo messenger
to chat my screenname there is adriosbourne i’m ussually online at home.

Talk Soon baby… i’m waiting”

Be advised that this is a scam, because of the way Yahoo messenger is set it it’s very easy for spammers to steal your email address as soon as you add them to your messenger list. Once you give them this kind of access it allows them to send you targeted spam. Not just that it also lets them believe you’re gullible and they might even search for you in social networks and add you as a friend to try to get you to either buy things from their affiliate links or it gives them the chance to disguise themselves as a beautiful woman or handsome man so they can trick you into sending them money. BE WARNED THIS adriosbourne character is a scam and it’s probably a part of larger automated scam network out to steal your personal information.

There are a lot of automated calling and text machines out there now I believe Canada is the first country to address this problem however this is the reason why so many spam texts are being sent out recently. Don’t trust these things and don’t trust anyone you don’t know!