How to hide your url link

if you’re wondering where is the best and safest place to hide your url for free the best site at the moment by a long shot isĀ

So far in just 1 year they’ve already helped 2 million links and that was only their first year this was without any interruption and no advertisements with your link. Also they don’t like spam that’s the only way they will delete your link so don’t spam when you use them

I also failed to mention that they’re a lot better than tinyurl fora number of reasons people like using them because their links are secure and safe and also affiliates like to use them because they can track stats easily this is another reason why this makes them a better option than tinyurl.

One other thing they’re better than as well because they won’t delete your affiliate links at no point most of these services will will usually delete or change your affiliate links that won’t happen with this site! check them out at the time I’m writing this they’ve already helped over 2 million affiliate links which is a crazy number for only being in business for 1 year!