Cash Flow Money Online Scam

Nothing annoys me more than emails that read “re:” as if I contacted the individual first. Not only that but somehow these emails seem to be making it through my spam filter. The worst part of all of this is the address this spammers sent the email too is not my address. When I did further research on this spam topic a few months back I found out that most of these spammers seem to be coming from Russia. I could be wrong but that’s what I discovered.

Is and The Secret Wealth Formula a Scam

If this is how gets people to its website I would have to say that The Secret Wealth Formula is indeed a scam. If I had a legit money making opportunity I would not stoop to such levels to get the word out. To me this type of behavior is unacceptable also it’s deceiving. I’ve written about this behavior from the secret wealth formula before to read that post visit the link below

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