Is a Scam?

On the website currently as of March 2014 is found at is a scam and for those of you that don’t know is NOT a legit news website and the reality is that it’s nothing more than a fraudulent fake news website. If you look closely at the top of their website it says “ADVERTORIAL”. Any and all reviews that are promoting this scam if you want a real review of their scam works you can take the risk of finding out on your own.

But typically how those scams work is they lure you into the A to Z Cash System scam which will make working from home look easy then once you sign up they’ll try and up-sell for expensive training which really won’t help you make any sustainable money online and for most people they’ll find themselves spending more money than they’re making! I recommend that people don’t sign up for the A to Z Cash System or any system or product they’re promoting.

Furthermore I want to point out that in this instance the character used named “Kim Shwarz” is not real in this instance she is fictitious and is being used to lure people into signing up for this scam. One last thing the comments seen on that “news blog” that’s really an ADVERTORIAL are not real if you try to post a real comment or question they’ll delete it. I would stay away from and not sign up if I were you. To further drive home my point I advise anyone reading this to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and read where it says “TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY READ AND AGREE TO PURCHASE TERMS BELOW BEFORE ORDERING:”

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