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Is a Scam?

This morning I received a fraudulent email from a spammer named “Jeremy Sarah” the exact email is below. Fraudulent spam email


Hey Travis,

I guess your job is going well. I wanted to alert you to a superb job opp in locality. Travis we have had many of our clients take this opp & I have heard some awesome stories.

The local newspaper has an article featuring our members, Kelly Richards. It will also provide you all the relevant info you need to get started. Steven the link is and I think the article will be featured on the homepage until tomorrow.

Talk to you later

Jeremy Sarah


To start I have to tell anyone reading this that or Live 7 Daily is a complete scam it’s not a real news website and all the characters depicted on that fraudulent website are fake the pictures are stolen and the names are created to give you the illusion that everyday people are successful using their fraudulent system. Review

I’ll tell you right off the bat that is a flat out scam but I know most of you will sign up anyone possibly out of curiosity well before you do that make sure you read their terms and conditions below is a preview of their terms and conditions consider reading it before give them your credit card.


You credit card will be authorized $1.00 for instant access. The 7 day trial period will begin on the purchase date, at the end of which you will be charged $69.95 monthly for unlimited access. You will have all the tools you need to start making money online but if you want the best results please join with VIP access on the next steps! If you need, you can get a personal success coach to help you at 1-800-317-2807.


Final thoughts on

If you want to associate yourself with a company that is spamming people go ahead be warned will up-sell you and continue doing so until they’ve taken as much money from you as possible the expensive stuff is the coaching be warned these guys are full of B.S.

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