Cash Flow Money Online Scam

It seems as though the creators of these fake news websites just won’t stop when one gets shut down another one pops up. What I can’t stand about these fake news websites are the fictional characters they use to help recommend their scams. In this instance they’re using Amanda Stevens to help promote’s recommended program

Recycling the old scam and making it new again

I’m all for recycling but certain things just need to go the landfill. is one of those programs I feel as though needs to go the digital landfill. Before the there was secret wealth formula and before that there was the Profit system online and before that there was the home revenue system. What keep’s happening is the products I just mentioned take people’s money and then shut down their website, then they re-open their website using a different name and a different marketing strategy.

Legit online business don’t need to change their name

First thing I want to explain to you is why online companies scam people. For those of you that don’t know teaching people to do things are hard work and it requires a long term commitment on the part of the teacher. On the other hand promising you the world and delivering nothing can make scammers tons of money in short periods of time with little to no risk. Typically the way how programs like work is they will up-sell you to death.

Now that I got you for $97 it’s time for me to up-sell you death

First they will introduce you to the work from home world by asking to pay $97 they will make everything sound so easy and make you believe that you’re guaranteed a salary just to click a few links. Then once they get your $97 they will tell you that you need to market your new online business which costs you extra money. After that they will try to recommend you a mentor. This is usually where the pricing gets expensive; because this won’t just be any mentor this will also be a sales person who will tell you what need to buy.

Now I want to make it clear that I’ve never signed up for but being that it looks like every other scam that does this I can’t help but believe that they will do the same thing. Personally I got to the website via a spam link which shows me what length’s they will go to, to get people to sign up with them. If you want to sign up with don’t let me or my opinion stop you.

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