Is a Scam?

I honestly thought that these fake news websites we’re a thing of the past. They we’re banned from many places online but apparently this has not stopped these scammers from setting up shop. There are a few sites to look out for the first is or freedom agency online; the next is if you go to either of these webpages right now you’ll notice that they’re both promoting the same thing which is Freedom Agency Online. That should be a warning sign for you right there that there’s possibly some shady business going on.

I’m not the type of person to tell you what to do with your money but I would avoid signing up for this supposed work at home opportunity I know it’s 2012 and most of the people reading this post are having trouble financially but trust me when I say that this is the wrong place to start. How these sites typically operate is they make everything seem very easy until you sign up and then once you sign up they’ll send you a bunch of information that will take a long time to learn and implement while doing this they’ll probably start to up-sell you on different offers and then they’ll up-sell you on $2500 coaching.

It’s I waste of money to sign up for this and personally I would avoid it. I should have said this earlier in the post but is a fake news website its sole purpose is to get you to sign up for Freedom Agency Online. The date in which I’m writing this is January 2012 scam site like sometimes change who they’re promoting personally I wouldn’t trust them.

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