Having your name listed in the Child Abuse Central Index can have serious consequences. It can have a big impact on your reputation as well as your social standing, which may consequently affect your career. Therefore, it is something that you should give full attention to so that your name can be cleared and removed. In most cases, the grievances are normally filed by a Child Welfare Services agency. You should therefore, have experienced CACI attorneys Los Angeles has to level the playing field.

Usually, after the hearing it will take about thirty working days for a decision to be made. The county director will scrutinize the evidence and decide whether the accusations were proven of unfounded. If they were substantiated, then the accusers name will remain on the list. However, if it is speculative then the name will be removed.

Getting your name recorded on the child abuse index is a serious issue. This is because your name will remain there for ten years. Furthermore, this can have severe consequences for your social and even professional life. This is mainly because such cases consist of severe neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and mental or emotional abuse. Therefore, you need the skill and expertise of a legal representative.

Experience is, therefore, a very important factor when hiring a lawyer. Every case is unique and different, but it is important to have someone who has handled similar grievances in the past. They should know the processes involved in gathering evidence that can stand in court. It would also make the process much easier.

The lawyer should also be registered with The State Bar of California. Working with an attorney that is not registered can only make matters worse, which is not something you could be looking forward to at this time. You can ask for the license number so that you can confirm that the individual has not been disbarred or in the middle of any professional misconduct case.

Always go for attorneys who focus on CACI matters. This is because this field is quite extensive and requires an individual who understands all the laws that support it. Furthermore, you will be working with a legal representative who has handled several cases that are similar to yours. This will ensure that you are not listed.

Hire a lawyer that has a proven record of accomplishment. Check the past cases to see if they were successful or if the clients lost. Although many years on the job is an advantage, it is important that you focus on the recent past. This is because there have been a lot of changes in child and family laws recently.

Ensure you have a great relationship with your lawyer. This is good because it will increase the speed of the process. You should be free to provide them with all the information they require to make a substantial argument in court. Note that lack of information can derail the process.

It is not a requirement that you have a lawyer present during your hearing. However, you should ensure that the playing field is leveled by hiring the best CACI attorneys Los Angeles has. This will increase your chances of having your name cleared and regaining your reputation.

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