How to make your number unknown with Fido Canada – *67 for Fido – Home and Cell Phones

Block your number fido home phone

*67 for Fido

If you have a Fido phone and you want your phone number to show up as unknown simply dial

#31# followed by the phone number. Make sure if you’re using a landline phone that you don’t pause for too long because then it won’t work, This is the equivalent to *67 in the 1990s. When you dial #31# your number will show up unknown or your phone number might not show up at all if you’re calling someones cell phone number

#31# then the number

This article was posted January 2019, test prior to use, don’t allow Fido or Rogers to disable this feature without complaint. A lot of carriers are trying to force people to pay for this, don’t let them do it, make your voices known!

#31# followed by the phone number