Your car’s transmission fluid must be reddish coloured, pink coloured, or even just light brown. This should actually be unscented and free from bubbles. In terms of appropriate car and upkeep, you’ll understand that you don’t need to take the vehicle in for servicing if the above stated requirements are met.

Avoid kicking yourself in the shins for your carelessness. More importantly, know the common transmission fluid problems of modern cars. Open the hood and check the condition of your transmission fluid using the dipstick.

Take a look at how the fluid is because these are some of the possible problems you could consider:

1. If the transmission fluid has the scent of burnt toast and is also of a tarnished deep brown The transmission fluid has steamed itself and is now virtually worthless. Your automobile needs this fluid to dissolve the heat that discharges from the transmission itself. Test the fluid’s condition further by putting some of it on a clean paper towel. If it doesn’t spread, then you need to have it changed immediately before your transmission suffers major damages.

2. The chances of a well-maintained car leaking are low when your transmission fluid is clean. If the transmission fluid is milky and brown This could be suggestive of a leak plus some of the coolant from the radiator has entered the transmission. Ask your auto technician to take a peek at the computerized transmission fluid cooler to have the problem properly diagnosed.

3. If you see bubbles on the transmission fluid There are several possibilities for this: – Too much fluid in the cylinder, which means that you have to remove a good amount of it

If you see any one of these, bring the automobile in for maintenance. More importantly, know how to regularly check and change the transmission fluid when needed. Transmission maintenance is a relatively simple task that doesn’t take too much of your time. And, you’ll be able to extend the life of your car just by knowing how to do this.

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