In case you’re wondering if is a scam the answer is… well  it’s an advertorial which basically means it’s sole purpose is to provide you information in order to get you to purchase a product or service it’s recommending. Example it’s has a page that claims to make people money from “Penny Stocks” if you’re going to fall for this page or any other of it’s pages it’s a good idea to do some additional reviews or research on the product or service is recommending.

I won’t call Howlifeworks a scam all I will say is make sure you do some independent research on any and every product or service it’s recommending to you. Type most of the products or services offered by advertorials aren’t legit and they’re in fact scams but that being said if something peaks your curiosity instead of just not knowing consider doing some independent on your own if you find that what they’re recommending is a fraud or a hoax than great if you find that it’s worth of your consideration than that’s great too

I will not be recommending to anyone at this time any questions or concerns you have about should be directed to them as I have absolutely no association with them.

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