There are good drunk driving defense lawyers and there are bad lawyers, and you wouldn’t want to end up working with the wrong sort. You need to find a lawyer who can return what you have invested in terms of time and money. If you’re interested, here are some tips that will make the search easier.

Directories of drunk driving defense lawyers will provide you with quite an exhaustive list and that too according to the area that you need them in. Yet, that’s not the end of the search. You’ve got to find the ones who are a little regular in getting work which will indicate their abilities and of course you’ll get to the bottom of things once the interviews happen. In the mean time, search out article or reviews about their cases from online forums.

Once you have the basic list of DUI defense attorneys with you, find the ones that are located close by. Meet them personally and check them for their temperament and manners above all. You would also see whether he/she is providing you any worthwhile advice or simple fluff. Be wary of ones whose promises come out sounding inflated. Check thoroughly the records of the ones you are seriously considering for the job.

If a law firm is seen with many empty chairs and hardly any activity it could mean mainly two things -one, they are falling drastically short of staff to handle their work or that they have offloaded some staff as they’re not getting enough work. Whatever, both sound like the wrong signs for a firm that is in the legal business. You’d surely want someone who has a better reputation and is in demand for its services, to take up your case.

Contact your insurance company! If you need a DUI defense attorney to defend you in court as the result of an automobile accident, chances are your car insurance company will do so. However, for certain other types of legal matters, your home insurance company or renter’s insurance company may be able to step in and provide assistance. Call them up and ask for their legal department-they may not be able to offer an attorney to you outright, but they can likely refer you to a good attorney.

If you’ve ever hired an architect or improvement worker to make modifications or repairs to your home, then now may be the time to get back in touch with him/her. They may have contacted a drunk driving defense lawyer in the past, and could provide referrals.

The key to finding a good drunk driving defense lawyer online is to utilize proper search terminology. Use different keywords to find different lawyers around you. If they operate their own website, check to see if they have reviews from previous cases or a portfolio of their past work.

The Zynga Forum is the premier place to meet new neighbors and receive tips and tricks. Connect with your gaming friends and ask them for a referral to a good DUI defense attorney. Remember to cross verify any recommendations on the Internet and then give your prospective attorney a call for an interview.

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