The separation of a couple means that a divorce certificate is generated. Most states make this type of document open to the public as mandated by the Freedom of Information Act. Divorce records Illinois generates are available for public access which allows its residents to obtain it anytime it is needed.

There are several reasons why the people of Illinois request for a copy of a divorce certificate. One of the primary reasons is to use it in government transactions. There are some processes in the government that would require a copy of the said document. Dealing with insurance and any financial matters would call for such document. It is also used by individuals who are dating to make sure that the person they are dating is really single or legally separated. Ironically, a divorced individual cannot remarry without a legal proof of separation.

One would be able to find a lot of information from a divorce certificate that is issued in the state of Illinois. The document highlights details about the separation which includes the date and the place where the separation was made legal and official. The complete names of the involved individuals are documented on the certificate. Aside from details about the separation, one can also find information about their marriage such as where and when they got married.

One can only find the basic details of the separation. The rest of the information remains private and confidential. This includes the reason why the couple decided to file divorce. Also, one cannot find information about the custody of the kids as well as financial matters such as the division of assets and properties on a public document. This was done to respect the privacy of the divorcees.

The department of Health is responsible for managing the public documents of the Illinois; however, the said office does not release copies of the files that are kept there. One has to visit the county clerk office where the separation was legalized in order to get a copy of a divorce certificate. The processing fee may not be the same for each county because it may depend on the type of request made and the details of the search. To avoid hassle and delay, it is important to provide the information of the record that you wish to obtain. Also, one should indicate their personal details on the application form to proceed with the search.

In the state of Illinois, marriage and divorce records are among the most popular public documents of the state. Online retrieval of such document has made it even more accessible than before. It has also made the search process shorter and fast since one just needs to do a few clicks and the results are then displayed in just seconds. There are websites that offer to do the search for free while others would require service fee to proceed with the search. Most residents of Illinois go for a paid search to ensure the quality of results.

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