One of the documents that are always being accessed or requested is marriage records. The marriage records of Illinois, also called by many as IL marriage records, are opened to the public. It was after the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act that people started to request for such document regularly.

The residents of the Illinois request it for a number of reasons. One is to use it for research on the family tree. Most of genealogy researchers would refer to this document in order to get information to update the family history records. Another use of the marriage certificate is for dealing with transactions in any government offices. Some requests in government offices would require a copy of a marriage certificate as proof of one’s identity and status. Examples of such transactions includes but not limited to insurance and other financial related transactions. Such document is also used in conducting background check. This is the method used by individuals who wants to check the marital status of their partners to avoid problems should they plan to get married later.

As the name suggest, marriage records would contain information about the marriage of a couple that took place in the state of Illinois. Details about the exact place and date of when the marriage was conducted and registered are the highlights of the said file. The document also shows the names of the couple’s parents as well as the witnesses.

Records since January 1962 are the only files that the state of Illinois releases. One has to pay $5 in order to process the request. One should present the basic information of the marriage record that is being requested. It is also a must to provide the contact details of the one who requested the document. This is because the certificate is only given to the couple themselves and their immediate families. Once the guidelines are followed, one can expect to get the record after a maximum of 10 working days if there are no delays.

The office of the Department of Public Health in Illinois manages the marriage records of the state. However, the office can only help verify the information needed. One may need to go to the county clerk office where the marriage was registered to get certified copies of the said document. Sending a mail order is what the office prefers to prioritize the request. This is because of the number of tasks that the staff is assigned to thus overlooking other important tasks.

The state of Illinois has utilized the development of the Internet in delivering information to the general public. With this, marriage records can now be obtained online. This means that the residents of the state can now easily obtain the said document anytime and anywhere. This has eliminated the need to go to any government office in order to request for the certificate since it can be done at the comforts of your own home. Waiting is also eliminated since the requested information can be delivered in just seconds instead of days.

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