The state of Illinois is considered as the 5th most heavily populated and the 25th largest of the 50 United States. It is recognized as the small-scale version of the whole country. If you are currently located in Illinois, and you are curious about a particular arrest data, you can look into IL police records.

The Uniform Conviction Information Act which was legislated in January 1, 1991 established that all criminal history record pertaining to conviction information are collected and retained by the Bureau of Identification of the Illinois State Police. All arrest details which resulted in a conviction are made available to the public. But you have to keep in mind that all other criminal files can only be requested by the person involved in the crime, authorized employers, and law enforcement or state bureaus.

There are over five million fingerprint records maintained by the state’s Bureau of Identification through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The said program is designed to support the law enforcement in immediately recognizing the suspects. The Illinois State Police has several units which handle forensics, administrative and operations duties.

You can request for an examination about a particular conviction from the above-mentioned office by using a person’s complete name. You will be required to pay the amount of $16.00 for every name being search. You can download the application form from the Internet and thereafter, you can fill-out the data required by the said document. After you accomplished the form, you can send your petition and your payment to the Bureau of Identification. A fingerprint examination can also be done at a slightly higher price in comparison to the name-based search.

If you want to review your own complete criminal file, you can visit any law enforcement office and perform a fingerprint search for free. For those who want to do a more comprehensive research on criminal records, you can verify such data with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The agency’s records on identifications are usually associated with fingerprints gathered by the FBI. The said files include details like the date of arrest, the charges filed and the type of arrest. For you to receive this type of information, you must send your petition via mail, together with a set of fingerprints and payment amounting to $18.00 per request. Anybody can conduct a background check in the state of Illinois with the use of fingerprints or the complete name of the person. The place where you can start your query is with the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. You can refer to the guidelines which you can find in the Internet to assist you on what to do. You can send your request via mail or through the Internet.

A police report can benefit you if you want to be certain of the person you are dealing with. It is simply a sheet of paper with lots of information which you can refer to before you make a commitment. You can do research about an individual’s criminal files through the Internet. This is the best choice you have in order to achieve immediate results in your inquiry. You may spend a nominal amount to get a trustworthy fact, or you can do your investigation for free.

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