The county local police department submits their Illinois police records to the Illinois State Police Department or ISP for filing. The public is allowed access to public records under the FIA or Freedom of Information Act. These records pertain to reports or records that include the government’s transactions with the public. Although records are accessible, there are some records where access is restricted. These records include juvenile records and those records that were sealed and expunged. Criminal records that are sensitive in nature or where no arrests were made are not allowed for public access. However, criminal records that result in conviction are available and can be accessed at the Illinois Bureau of Identification.

Applicants or individuals who want to obtain police records or any records for that matter should check if the records are public properties. They can call the local enforcement agency or the county clerk to determine the nature of the report. Reports that include minors or those that were mentioned above are ineligible for access. Police records are categorized depending on the nature of the reports though almost all are available from the Bureau.

One of the common reports is the traffic or crash report and it is accessible through mail or online request. Request for traffic reports cost about $5 and reconstruction reports cost $20. Those who request the report should indicate the following (1) Agency crash report number (2) IDOT number and (3) parties involved in the accident including the date the crash happened. Include all the necessary information, together with the cheque payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope and mail it to the ISP. The ISP does not have any data about reports of traffic or crashes that happened within the municipality.

Researchers who are looking for or want to get a copy of criminal report can do so by filling up a request form and sending it to the Bureau. Form ISP6-405B is for non-fingerprint request whereas the Form6-404B is for the fingerprint request. Payment for the request is $16 and $30 for cheques not drawn in US banks. Do note that each form is valid for one-person search only although the person who requested the information can request for other details regarding the concerned person.

For Fingerprint requests, researchers must complete the form ISP6-404B and together with the form submit the payment of $20 for regular cheques or $50 for cheques not drawn on a US bank. Fingerprinted requests, more often than not are more reliable than non-fingerprint requests as more often than not, criminals do use aliases or different names and fingerprints are the only way to identify them.

For those who want to know how to find police records without having to spend too much, then you might want to look online as plenty of sites do offer information or data concerning these report types for free or for a minimal fee. This is also an effective way to check if one has a criminal record or if their records are clear.

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