Review Is it a Scam?

Well based on my reviews for the most part and the companies it’s associated with don’t appear to be scams. However what you should know about the products is promoting like as an example, if you opt to sign up be warned that your income will be reliant on signing new people up under you. will get a referral fee off of you as long as you remain a member of MCA (Motor Club of America) which is structured financially very similar to AMWAY. Some people call them pyramid schemes, the name it’s called professionally is network marketing. Review Review

Now, personally I would never sign up for anything is selling. However I’m not in the business of telling people what to do with their money. There are times when I feel desperate, there are times when I feel like taking risks. The company I’ve been a member of since 2008 Wealthy Affiliate also has an affiliate program and a network of people who make money online. However the difference with Wealthy Affiliate is that for most of us are money is usually split up in multiple streams that we have control over.

Signing up for MCA will cost you $39.90 upfront and $19.95 monthly membership after that. That’s how will earn his commission. and are all tied with MCA (Motor Club Of America). Also be warned about the positive reviews, from writers, youtubers etc. who are affiliated or associated with MCA

If you’re cool with that by all means join him, join MCA maybe you might learn something, who knows. Be warned however that the options he’s offering are all linked to Motor Club Of America. Honestly it’s a little late getting into MCA, but hey if that’s what you want to do don’t let me stop you. The reason why Wealthy Affiliate has been around for more than a decade is because members aren’t reliant on getting people to join Wealthy Affiliate in order to make a profit.

I rarely if ever mention them in my posts or in my business, because they’ve given me the skills to make money on multiple avenues on the internet. In the interest of fairness although I find MCA’s commissions rather low and inconsistent compared to most of the companies I work with, a person could legitimately make a lot of money using the skills  Wealthy Affiliate teaches and applying them to MCA’s affiliate program.

Best wishes!

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