A home mortgage is a highly popular loan among many consumers. It is a financial arrangement between a lending institution and a customer, the latter of whom cannot afford to buy a dwelling with one lump sum. It is always a good idea for consumers to comparison shop when looking for the most suitable loan, as each lender offers slightly different terms and conditions.

Such loans are established for a predetermined number of years. The 30 year mortgage is highly popular among most customers. Some consumers, however, prefer shorter terms, such as a fifteen or twenty year loan. Mortgages of this kind are amortized, meaning that a specific amount of each monthly payment goes toward interest, while the rest is applied to the principal of the loan.

Some borrowers carry two mortgages on a property. These are referred to as a primary and a secondary mortgage. If one has built up equity in his or her dwelling, they secondary loan is often applied for if the individual requires money for other issues, including home improvements or to put children through college.

If a borrower does not make his or her payments in a timely manner, the bank can begin foreclosure proceedings. Once this process begins, the dwelling is eventually sold and monies received in the sale are applied to the balance owed to the lender. In certain cases, such an event can be avoided if the borrower asks the lending institution to renegotiate the terms of the loan.

Prospective borrowers must understand that it is important to carefully evaluate their individual financial circumstances. They should consider whether any major changes will take place in the near future, such as changes regarding one’s financial obligations or income. Interest rates are also important, and the best time to apply for a loan is when rates have plummeted.

When seeking a home mortgage, consumers should not make decisions in haste. Rather, they should evaluate each alternative before choosing a loan. A financial planner can help individuals who feel overwhelmed by the process.

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